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Orchid In A Basket

Wooden Hanging Planter/Basket


Enhance the beauty of your plants and orchids with the natural beauty of these planters


Beautiful home for your treasured plants


Beautiful Square Wooden Slats planter constructed from treated pine and joined by galvanized nails. Great for mounting variety of orchids, ferns, bromeliads  and many other of your favorite plants. Can be used with liner or by simply placing your favorite pot plant in a planter.

Many plants prefer to grow in an open slotted wooden basket so their roots can breathe. With time these wooden hanging planters will take rustic appearance.

Impressive fine craftsmanship will attract you to these durable, long-lasting wooden Hanging planters – they will not only enhance the beauty of your treasured plants but also look great indoor or outdoor. They are also suitable for greenhouse, balconies, pergolas, patios, verandas.



Each planter hand-made -  they are not mass-produced imports, and they are sturdy and long-lasting and will give you pleasure for many years to come.

Slatted wood orchid baskets are ideal for viriety of orchids:

  • All vandaceous types
  • Stanhopea, Gongora and Acineta, which should be grown in open baskets so that their pendant flowers can be enjoyed to the full
  • Draculas because the inflorescences find it easy to grow through the underside of the container
  • Coelogyne massangeana, which have a pendular flower spike
  • Rhynchostylis, whose roots will rot if they are not allowed to dry out between watering
  • Phalaenopsis
  • Oncidium
  • Any epiphytic orchid



These handsome wooden orchid baskets will give you pleasure of seeing your gorgeous prized plants displayed this way - showing their stunning and striking beauty and attraction.


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